Program progress highlights - October 21, 2020

Public communication campaign for USAID supported Media Initiatives and Partnerships Support Activity (MIPS) - media and digital literacy entered the live phase.

Through September and October, the teaser and reveal segments of the campaign promoting the baseline research finding were broadcasted on:

  • national TV channels (public broadcaster RTS, Pink),
  • cable channel (N1),
  • series of 4o local and regional channels across Serbia,
  • national web portals, including mobile apps (,,
  • digital billboards in Belgrade, Nis, Subotica, Novi Sad, Zlatibor, Cacak, and Indjija
  • a network of more than 50 digital influencers.
  • a web site

The teaser phase of the campaign was followed by guerilla action placing posters, at designated public spaces, that hold the question “Are You Ok?”, which represents one of the campaign slogans.

Video 1. Teaser: Are you OK?

Video 2. Reveal: #NisteJedini 1

Public communication campaign cumulative reach:

  1. Facebook and Instagram
    Number of video posts: 5
    Campaigns Duration: September 15-28
    Cumulative Total Post Reach (of all 5 video posts): 877,676 people

  2. Display web-banners
    Display web-banners: 4 formats (750×200, 320×100, 300×250, and 970×250)
    Campaigns Duration: September 15-28
    Cumulative Impressions*: 1,065,438 people
    *Impressions are the number of times a banner has appeared on viewers’ screens.

  3. Outdoor digital billboards
    Number of digital billboards: 6
    Campaigns Duration: September 15-28
    Cumulative estimated reach*: 1,400,760 people
    *Reach estimated by the service provider

  4. TV campaign (national and local media)
    Number of appearances: 3087
    Campaigns Duration: September 15-28
    Cumulative estimated reach*: 2,700,300 people
    *Reach estimated by the service provider

USAID supported Media Initiative and Partnership Support Activity (MIPS) - presented the results of research on media, information, and digital literacy in Serbia.

On September 29th, MIPS organized an event for traditional and online media representatives to present results of research on media, information, and digital literacy in Serbia and to kick off the program activities. The event was followed by a series of media appearances that informed the public on baseline research key findings and program activities that will in the next 3 years increase the skills of citizens and stakeholders to navigate complex information and digital landscape and thus more effectively participate in modern socio-economic, and political life.

Photo 1. New Literacy research presentation, Klub književnika, September 29

Video 3: Novi dan, N1 – live from research presentation event 

Brands Ovako stoje stvari (Here Is the Thing) and Reši igricu (Let’s Solve the Game) - under the Media Initiative and Partnership Support Activity (MIPS) have been launched.

Along with the public communication campaign Propulsion has launched brand Ovako stoje stvari/Here Is The Thing that will across the channels communicate with the public the Media and Information Literacy segment of the program, followed by brand Reši igricu/Let’s Solve the Game that will communicate Digital Information Literacy. Specific program activities are focusing on building skills of selected stakeholders, the brands will outreach to a wider public audience to raise awareness, knowledge, and understanding of key Media, Information, and Digital Literacy issues. Campaigns under these two brands will provide the public with a clearer view of the media and the digital environment makes it easier for audiences to face everyday confusion caused by the overload of information and digital content. New times bring new rules of literacy, so the campaign aims to educate the public to think critically and clear the fog around the information.

Official channels of Ovako stoje stvari brand:


MIPS opens Media, Information Literacy challenge

The program organized the first Media and Information Literacy Challenge under the brand Ovako stoje stvari/Here IsTheThing. Challenge invites civil society and media organizations around Serbia to devise an interesting, innovative, and educational idea to celebrate Global Media, Information, and Literacy Week that will be celebrated from October 24 to 31. The Global MIL Week is held under the UNESCO auspice that globally promotes the culture of media literacy. The implementation of the best challenge ideas will be supported through a grant fund of $10,000. The challenge is organized online via the brand web portal

Video 4. #OvakoStojeStvari Challenge 2020 announcement

MIPS selected best projects of #OvakoStojeStvari Challenge 2020

In the framework of Global Media Information Literacy Week MIPS administered the #OvakoStojeStvari Challenge 2020, which supports innovative local initiatives of non-profit organizations and media in Serbia. The expert panel decided to allocate grant funds in the total amount of 1,000,000 dinars to the Association of Paraplegics of the Macva Region, the Intermedia Association, the Humanitarian Organization Let’s Save the Family and the Center for Education and Transparency.

Photo 2. #OvakoStojeStvari Challenge 2020 expert panel deliberates

We thank all participating organizations and media and congratulate the winners!

For more about the selected projects and selection criteria see the website section Supported Projects.

MIPS reacted on "TikTok" Case

Today’s digital space has become a part of our lives as the physical environment, especially among the younger generations, and that the online world is undisputedly ruled by influencers. Concerns about the impact they have on the youngest often cause violent reactions from parts of the community, as happened these days when the famous influencer Sara Damnjanovic visited an elementary school in Mladenovac. However, it is important to ask whether this concern is most often the result of a misunderstanding of the ever-changing world. While for some, TikTok is exclusively a platform for “spoiling the youth”, MIPS reminds the of the huge potential of this resource for achieving positive changes and placing good examples that society should and should use.

Video 5. MIPS reacted on “TikTok” Case

MIPS reacted on “How to Tax Influencers” Case

The Tax Administration announced that irregularities in the observance of tax regulations were noticed among individuals who earn money on social networks, highlighting YouTubers and influencers.
Is this a clear indication that the state has recognized this sphere of the digital economy as a form of business? Propulsion reacted by saying that this business is lucrative on the one hand and has an impact on society, but at the same time, it is insufficiently regulated.

Video 6. MIPS reacted on “How to Tax Influencers” Case

Online conference Opiranje dezinfodemiji (Resisting Disinfodemic) during Global MIL Week

National campaign #OvakoStojeStvari (Here’s the Thing) celebrates Global Media and Information Literacy Week (MIL Week). MIL week is held under the UNESCO auspice that globally promotes the culture of media literacy. With the goal to ignite an open discussion among citizens of different ages, backgrounds, and interests regarding a variety of topics concerning media and information literacy, especially in the circumstances additionally aggravated by the pandemic, #OvakoStojeStvari organizes an online conference from October 27 to 31, covering the issue from different angles.

Video 7. Online conference Opiranje dezinfodemiji announcement